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Escaping the Walled Garden

Yesterday Yesterday I decided to leave the walled garden that UK Internet access is becoming. I went to the website of a VPN provider in another country (I chose Air VPN, an Italian company) and signed up for a one-year … Continue reading

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Licensed to Read?

In the modern world, it sometimes seems that everything we might want to do is regulated and controlled, and that we need a license issued by some authority to perform a given activity. Yet at the same time, each time … Continue reading

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Nominating officer resignation

I have been a member of the Pirate Party UK since it formed, and since November 2009 I have also been Nominating officer for the party, which is one of the 5 member-elected voting positions on the National Executive Committee … Continue reading

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Oxford Geek Night 22

The good geeks of Oxford were kind enough to let me do a 5-minute “microslot” talk at Oxford Geek Night 22, introducing the Pirate Party and the changing politics of a digital information age. So I’d like to thank everyone … Continue reading

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